Audrey Boland’s Band to Play Block Party

February 23, 2019: San Diego, CA

Inspiring Women Today author Audrey Boland is back in the United States (her chapter titled, “Mexico” was featured in Inspiring Women Today, Volume A), and her new band, Caliber, will play, along other places, for a block party for the San Diego Padres this March.

“Really,” says Audrey, “transitioning to the United States after Mexico, and to San Diego, of all places (SO expensive!) was not easy, AT ALL. But guess who did it? They don’t make anything easy for anyone these days-—and who am I kidding? Mexico was rough—but I still love that place and all the people I’ve met there. I was made in Mexico. And now I’m coming to a US city near you. We’ve a gig playing the block party for the San Diego Padres in March (2019).”

To find out more LIKE Caliber on Facebook ( and remember, Audrey’s a professional ghostwriter as well (

“If anyone can say all their life they’ve had to fight, it’s me. And really, I’m a nice girl. I should be a bulldog after all my fights, but uh, I’m a ladybug.” —Audrey

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